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Creative concepts

Many organisations are looking for a playful way of carrying out their mission and attract new customers. Together with Raymond den Boestert you can find the story behind your product in a marketing-aware manner. The concept will be developed in close cooperation with the principal, to make sure the wanted goal and atmosphere will actually come about. Raymond works together with a professional team of artist (actors, storytellers, musicians) to guarantee continuity and quality.

The birth of Mister Krokodaris

In former times the zoo was a place where you could watch animals. Nowadays the zoo is an ‘experience’. Nice, healthy animals are not enough to attract visitors, there has to be entertainment and education. With that request, Ouwehand Zoo came to Raymond. He created Mister Krokodaris just for them.

This character speaks the language of the animals and tells children stories from all over the world about the origination and peculiarities of all species. Mister Krokodaris is present every Sunday and throughout the school holidays. He has found many fans along the way.

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