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A story is never told, when you're alone. The story subsists on the interaction between the teller and the audience. For Raymond den Boestert the essence of storytelling is telling a story together with the audience. With his expressive way of storytelling, he brings the story closer; the characters come to life. Each listener will get different images and in doing so make a new story.

A story can be told in theatres, schools or libraries, but there might just be another 'perfect' place. Why not the heart of a forest with burning torches, in a windmill where you can smell the meal of the miller, in the middle of an elephant enclosure or in a swimming pool with lightning blue water?

Raymond has permanent performances you can book, but you can also make a selection from his repertoire of stories and create your own performance (the ‘jukebox performance’).

Raymond den Boestert, J.P.Coenstraat 65 bis, 3531 EN UTRECHT
T 030 2935842 - contact / email